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Male Facial Aesthetic & Beauty

Posted on May 25, 2018 at 9:40 PM

Men Facial Aging and Beauty 


Gender differences play an important factor in facial anatomy, behavior, and beauty concerns. In men, a balance between masculinity and femininity is important in outcome satisfaction. Most men are more concernered with their hairline, periocular, and jawline.


Like women, men facial aging, is due to changes in skin, soft tissue, and skeletal structures. Factors affecting men’s aging are either due to intrinsic or extrinsic factors. Intrinsic, includes genes and hormonal effects. Extrinsic, include environmental factors such as sun exposure, smoking, etc. 

Despite known factors in men’s aging, the rate and pattern of aging, is unique to each individual, which is itself influenced by genetic, anatomical, and behaviorial aspects of each person.

What is less understood, however, is the aesthetic goal for men and what is ideal beauty or “man-some” for men. Since "beauty is in the eye of beholder," it is important to understand the male aesthetic ideal, for rendering the aesthetic service for ideal result, which should be align with the patient goal.

Male Facial Aging

Men, are aging poorly due to both, intrinsic and extrinsic factors. They have reduced innate antioxidant capacity than women. Also they are less knowledgeable or protective against UV radiation and engage in more health riskier behavior, like ; they smoke more than women.

Men develop wrinkles earlier and more severe, also, it’s pattern is different due to difference in facial muscle movement and cutaneous appendages. Wrinkles are more preocular and less perioral areas. The shape of wrinkles also different; U-shape in glabellar area mor common in men and the lower lis sags more and deeper.

Men lose their facial soft tissue steadily as opposed to women which their loss accelerates around menopausal age. Also, men lose earlier and more hair loss than women, at least %50 of caucasian have some hair loss by age 50. Hair loss make men appear older than their stated of age and make them less youthful.

Male is different in regard to facial anatomy, testosteron attributes to secondary sexual characteristics which is masculine. Men face is wider and larger at every level, also, more angular. Chin is more square in men. The supraorbital ridge is more prominent.

Men,has less subcutaneous tissue than women, and is more evenly distributed. They have more sud-Q fat at lateral mid face as opposed to women in medial mid face.

“Man some” or male beauty

The aesthetic concerns in men are somewhat different than women. In surveys, they want to “look good for my age” and “more youthful”. The number one cosmetic concern in men, is the hair loss and hair line. Also, they exhibit concern on their preocular ( crews feet and tear trough). Maintaining masculine jawline, by treating submental fullness and chin is another priority.

Overall, strike a right balance, between masculinity and femininity, could provide a better facial aesthetic outcome. Attractiveness to the opposite sex is an important factor , however, patient aesthetic concern should be addressed for better satisfaction.Most men are internally driven to look better rather attracting a mate or competing at work.


Men, currently comprise about %10 of cosmetic procedure, however, it is growing rapidly. Men, comprise %40 of luxury fashion market, and it is growing faster than women’s one.

A through understanding of gender differences and priorities, as well as, mastering the knowledge of male anatomy, facial aging, and cosmetic concerns and developing a comprehensive aesthetic plan for male patient, practitioner can capitalize in this growing segment of aesthetic care.

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